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Friday, September 23rd; 8pm



live reading of
Bob Kaufman poems
new essay, "...because the Southern Strategy"
by Regan aka Busdriver


Saturday, September 24th; 8pm

Good Heroin

a Comedy Show

Sunday, September 25th; 5pm


True stories about getting around LA, told by folks who don't drive

The award winning live storytelling show, BUSted returns to its Home Terminal in Echo Park at Stories LA Books & Cafe! BUSted is proud to be in its third year of providing a voice for the Green Commuters of Los Angeles with real people telling their true stories about getting around LA by bus, subway, bicycle, by walking, horseback, hot air balloon .... every way except for driving!

Typically absurd. Occasionally hilarious. Often horrifying. Always riveting.

LA Weekly says Busted is
"perfectly tailored for a city where public transportation is so underutilized. BUSted is as much a celebration of ditching a car as commiseration of its frustrations"

This month's featured storytellers include:
Brandon Burkhart
Mike Gamms
Julia Pels
Alissa Walker
More TBA!


Tuesday, September 27th; 8pm

the WOMEN group

39th Monthly Reading

Open Reading, all are welcome.


Since the conception of our collective in the Summer of 2012, a key question has followed us: why do we choose to call ourselves the WOMEN group? The WOMEN group is coeducational. We are feminist. We unify. We provocate in what we print. We do not discriminate. We are optimistic that in consisting of both sexes, the WOMEN group will direct the feminist movement towards unity.

the WOMEN group 


Thursday, September 29th; 8pm

Release celebration for

Agustin Aguilar

and his novel

Leonora Come Down

with special guests

Jarett Kobek (author of I Hate the Internet, Atta, BTW)

William E. Jones and Hillary Jaynes


Giants made of rock. People made of clay. The moon who walks the earth as a man and digs through garbage. Fairy tales told by a primitive lake people, nothing more.

In Wiskatchekwa, reality is made of firmer, cleaner stuff. So the town thinks.

Beneath layers of sediment in the ancient lakebed, Wiskatchekwa keeps secrets. It may be why Arturo, a boy, has brought home a sentient basalt pyramid, or why he begins to see a triangular shadow cast by his body. In his town, rumors and suspicions swirl about in the wind, and truth, he finds, is a creature that lives in a lake. A lake, along with the inhabitants along its shore, that may be returning to their land.


Friday, September 30th; 8pm

Zach Wyner

presents his debut novel

"What We Never Had"

Come join author Zach Wyner and celebrate the release of his debut novel "What We Never Had" out on Rare Bird Books.
Zach Wyner is a writer and teacher who works with incarcerated youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a contributor to Curly Red Stories, The Good Man Project and Unbroken Journal. He received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco and lives in Oakland with his wife, stepdaughter, and infant son.

About the Book:
Meet Josh, a paragon for the modern post-collegiate. He has a job with no upward path and a dysfunctional relationship with his ex. Through his work with teenagers, he begins to find definition through the haze, gradually discovering purpose and a measure of self-respect. After two shiftless friends take up residence in his apartment, using his couch as a podium to rail against the world, he takes stock of who he is versus who he wants to be, and when his troubled ex finds herself in real danger, Josh can't resist the allure of playing the savior, but now he may have a little wisdom on his side.

Written by Stories LA — June 28, 2015


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